Keto and LCHF diet desserts

When you are on a low carb diet such as the keto diet or the LCHF diet one of the thing that many people miss are the desserts that you previously had. However there is no need to totally skip desserts since there are many desserts you can eat on a low carb diet. One of the best collection of desserts that are low carb friendly can be found over at Diet Keto since there is a collection of the best recipes that are out on the internet.

low carb desserts

low carb desserts

The article is mainly focusing on keto diet desserts but most of the recipes would work on any low carb diet. To mention some of the recipes there are a very nice brownie cheesecake which tastes wonderful and many of the readers have also tried it out and really like it. Some people have even split the recipe and either create a nice cheesecake or a nice brownie recipe where both recipes are low carb.

There are also many other nice dessert recipes that you can try out such as a beautiful zebra cake, a tiramisu cake, a low carb strawberry frozen yoghurt recipe and a chocolate dessert. All desserts look amazing and also taste amazing.

If you are not really into desserts and want something different we could also recommend you to try out the keto fat bombs or the fat bomb smoothies. These recipes are also very easy to make and are also perfect for all low carb diets.

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